Welcome to Electra-Box’s home page

Electra-Box is really four different companies, each operating in one of the four Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Electra-Box Diagnostica AB is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Sweden, and handles the administration of the Finnish company.
Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Denmark.
Electra-Box Diagnostica AS is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Norway.
Electra-Box Diagnostica Oy is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Finland.



Here is a brief history of the company since it’s inception:

1944:  The company was founded with the principal business idea to sell electrical products.
1988:  The company changed its focus to distribution of laboratory products.
1992:  The company changed its name to Electra-Box Diagnostica AB
1994:  Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS  in Danmark was founded.
1995:  The company’s head office was moved to Solkraftsvägen 18B in Tyresö, Sweden.
1997:  Electra-Box Diagnostica AS in Norway was founded.
2008:  Electra-Box Diagnostica Oy in Finland was founded.
2011:  Addtech Nordic AB purchased 100% of Electra-Box Diagnostica AB


Our goals:
Our business plan is to offer analyses and test systems with high quality results that are dependable, cost effective, traceable, safe, easy to use, and meet environmental demands.  To achieve these goals we carefully choose our suppliers by analyzing their reputation, production capability, quality control, development efforts to deliver products demanded by our customers.  Once we have chosen the manufacturers and products we then strive to be professional, flexible and innovative to bring them into our respective markets.